The Truth about Intuition: 11 Intuition-Boosting Exercises


If you want bigger muscles, you must train them. If you want to have a great memory, you have to train it. Building your intuition requires training, too. These exercises will begin the process of building your intuition, but you must use them to reap any benefits.

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Boost your intuition with these fun and interesting exercises:

Analyze your dreams.
Your dreams are a peek into your subconscious. Keep a pad of paper and pen by your bed.

Immediately upon waking up, do your best to recall your dreams. It takes very little time or activity before your ability to recall your dreams fades. So, remember as much as you can before you move. Grab your pen and paper and write down your observations about your dreams. Include the details of the dream itself.

What happened and how did it make you feel? What are your dreams trying to tell you? How do your dreams relate to the current challenges in your life? How do your dreams relate to the decisions you’re facing? What are the elements of your dreams that keep recurring over time?

Notice your dream signs. Dream signs are those aspects of your dreams that should tip you off that you’re dreaming. The strangest things happen in dreams, but we rarely question them. Learning your dream signs is a great way to develop your intuition. Record your dream signs. Here are a few common ones:

The presence of someone who has died. If your deceased friend or relative is in a dream, that’s a sure sign that you’re dreaming.

Unusual abilities. Can you suddenly do the splits, jump really high, fly, see through walls, or breathe underwater?

Spontaneous changes in the environment. Dreams are far less static than you probably realize. If you look at a clock twice in a dream, it won’t show the same time. People’s clothing changes. The landscape changes. One minute it’s daytime, the next it’s dark.

Impossible things. Monsters, 500-pound dogs, a car that converts into a jet, a flying house, or an elephant the size of a mouse.



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