Avoid Letting Fear Beat You: Empower Yourself to Change Your Fear Story

Have you ever been presented with an opportunity that has the potential to totally transform your life, but you turned it down? Did you walk away from that opportunity for the simple fact that you couldn’t get past your fear of failure (or fear of success)?

I believe it wouldn’t be that difficult for every one of us to come up with one specific moment that presented itself with an opportunity of a lifetime, but ended up turning it down out of fear.

Take a moment and think of one. What was the opportunity that came to your mind? What made you decide not to take action? How did it make you feel?

Every opportunity that comes your way has one thing in common. Each one of them forces you to do something that the majority of human beings really struggle with. The one thing that I’m referring to is making a choice.

Why is making choices so hard for us? The answer to that question is quite simple, but the explanation is complex. It usually boils down to one emotion… Fear.

Photo by SOCIAL.CUT on Unsplash

Let me explain.

In a recent masterclass with Lisa Nichols, I learned that oftentimes fear is a story that evokes an emotional response to something that has not even happened.



Anita D Russell, Founder/CEO The Place to SOAR

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